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  • Download Resources. Webinars, guides, and E-books to help you get the most out of Front. Front for Mac Desktop App. Front for Windows Desktop App.
  • The Dialpad App is available on iOS, Android, Chrome, and as an Extension. Download the app on any device and work the way you feel most comfortable!
  • The Dialpad App is available on iOS, Android, Chrome, and as an Extension. Download the app on any device and work the way you feel most comfortable!

Download iCall for Mac to send messages and make audio and video calls from your Mac.

Aircall Chrome Extension

Before you can start making and receiving calls through Aircall, you will need to make sure you have the following components set up:

  • At least one number added on the dashboard with your user or team assigned
  • At least one user added on the dashboard and assigned to a number.

From here, there are four ways you can make and receive calls with Aircall.

  • Download the app on your desktop (Mac and Windows)
  • Log in to the web app through the Chrome browser (macOS & Windows)
  • Install the Aircall CTI in your CRM (where available)
  • Download the app on your mobile (Android and iPhone)

Please note that it is not possible to make or receive calls through The Aircall Dashboard.
Once you have selected your preferred phone application, you are ready to make and receive calls!

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

Download aircall windows

iWork for iCloud is the easiest way to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right in your browser. What’s more, it’s compatible with Microsoft Office, so now everyone can work together.

With iWork for iCloud you can work right in your browser. Pages, Numbers and Keynote are the best ways to be productive on a Mac or iOS device and now everyone with a browser can access high quality writing, data, and media production tools directly from their browser on Mac or PC, with no need to have Apple’s productivity suite installed on a Mac or iOS device.

Aircall App For Windows

iWork for iCloud makes it easy to work together with people everywhere and it lets you share and collaborate on virtually anything. With iWork for iCloud multiple users can function as a collective team and work as one. You can share document links with others instead of sending out numerous separate attachments. You can make instant progress by editing together in real time, and with collaborative tools you can see who’s in the document and follow along as they make edits.

Aircall Phone App

  • Pages for iCloud: With advanced tools for writing and easy page layouts, your documents, whether they be letters, reports or flyers respond quickly and fluidly.
  • Numbers for iCloud: Get more from your data with prebuilt functions, tables and formulas. Use easy-to-create formulas, one-click charts, and table categories to organize and analyze almost anything.
  • Keynote for iCloud: With incredible transitions and new cinematic animations and effects, Keynote for iCloud brings presentations to life on Mac or PC.

iWork for iCloud also has great support for Microsoft Office. You can work with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files just as easy as if you were using the desktop suite. Simply log in from your browser on your Mac or PC and launch what you need. Then drag your docs to the Document Manager and make your edits. Once done, you can then share them in iWork, Office, or PDF formats via iCloud Mail. All your created documents will be auto-saved in iCloud, so your work will always be available. Any changes you make will also automatically appear in the iWork apps on your iOS devices and your Mac.