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Angry Birds is an excellent and addictive puzzle game. It was first launched on the iPhone and iPod Touch and has now been made available for some Android phones, Windows, and Mac OS X. It is said that the game will be launched for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in the near future. The game puts the Angry Birds against a group of evil pigs. Must Play: Larva Heroes: Episode 2 Game: Download for PC (Windows 8/7/XP) or Mac. How to Download Angry Birds Fight for PC. Angry Birds Fight is another luring and an ultimate edition of the Angry Birds gaming series. You cannot officially access Angry Birds Fight on your PCs.

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Angry Birds 2, a game that swept millions of players thanks to its awesome gameplay and arguably one of the best physics engine ever created in a game. It did have numerous spin-offs such as Angry Birds Seasons, Rio, Star Wars and even different gameplay features like Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Go but it never got a proper sequel, until now. Angry Birds 2 finally arrives into the PC platform in furiously epic proportions that will drive you mad! The birds are back, the piggies are back, and the original gameplay is back. It improved vastly upon the original Angry Birds free play. As a result, it made Angry Birds 2 one of the best free online games in the market and in our library!

Now with a new and improved physics engine and more ways to strategize your executions, Angry Birds 2 is Rovio’s most ambitious project ever made. Honestly, it feels like a proper sequel without straying too far away from what it became famous for. Play the Angry Birds 2 game online all for free on PC and without the need for an emulator!


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Old Friends, New Game in Angry Birds 2

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You’ll meet with the original cast here along with some new ones – both the birds and the pigs. However, the biggest change here is the gameplay. This time, you can plan out the order of the birds you want to launch first. Furthermore, you can even include friends to help you out in a fully-fledged co-op mode! Or, if the levels didn’t satisfy you enough, why not go for the Arena? The Arena is a casual multiplayer mode where you can toss birds onto other players! No seriously, it’s just dumb fun. Download the Angry Birds 2 game for free here on We have more casual games that will provide you with endless entertainment. Check out and Pepi Hospital.