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Download Adobe Captivate versions 2019 and 2017.
  • Now available : Mac OS Catalina compatible Adobe Captivate update for 2019 release users . Get update now!
  • Asset Panel not loading in Adobe Captivate (2019 release)? Read More to find a solution.

If you have purchased a version of Adobe Captivate, and you no longer have the installation media, you can download installers from this page.

Below we’ve got the direct download links for Captivate 8 (Windows and Mac OS) without the Akamai Download Manager, for fast and easy access to the new tools We’ve also included links to the hugely-expanded collection of assets that come with Captivate 8 which can be used to create terrific looking eLearning content. Adobe captivate free download - Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Flash Player, and many more programs. Adobe Captivate 2017 is available for the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10) with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and 5 GB of free disk space. Mac OS X v10.12.3 (or later); iOS 10.2.1 (or later) with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and 6 GB of free disk space. If your computer meets these basic requirements, you can read up the. Adobe Captivate CC 2019 free download Adobe Captivate CC 2019 free setup for windows. The Adobe Captivate CC 2019 is an industry-leading eLearning and mLearning authoring tool which helps the users in creation and organization of E-learning projects, courses and demonstration, and simulation.

Download Adobe Captivate for Mac from our website for free. This software for Mac OS X was originally produced by Adobe Systems Inc. The program belongs to Design & Photo Tools. This Mac download was checked by our built-in antivirus and was rated as safe. The bundle identifier for this app is com.adobe.Captivate.

  • You need your Captivate serial number to complete the installation. Need help finding your serial number?
    Sign in toMy Adobe to find serial numbers for registered products.
    Or, see Find a serial number.
  • If you do not have a serial number, you can use Captivate as a trial for 30 days.
  • Make sure that your system meets the requirements for Captivate. For more information, see System requirements.
  • After downloading the installation files, see these instructions to extract the files and install your product.
  • Having trouble? Get help from our community experts.

Free Version Of Adobe Captivate


Wherever you are required to download two files, Adobe recommends that you download the files in the same location.

Then, run the exe file. The installer extracts the files required for the installation from the other archive file.

Captivate trial download

If you face any issues in downloading or installing, write to us at [email protected].

How long does it take for download? See Estimated download times.


To install Captivate (2017 release), refer the Install guide.


Learn how to access previous versions of non-subscription apps.


Terms of Use

Your use of Adobe Captivate Software is governed by EULA located at The software may contain third party software which requires notices and/ or additional terms and conditions located at (or a successor website thereto)

JAVA SE 12.0.2
  • jdk-12.0.2_osx-x64_bin.dmg (Size 173 MB)
  • jdk-12.0.2_osx-x64_bin.tar.gz (Size 173 MB)
  • jdk-12.0.2_windows-x64_bin.exe (Size 158 MB)
  • (Size 179 MB)
  • sha256-checksums.txt (Size 1 KB)
JAVA SE 11.0.5(LTS)
  • jdk-11.0.5_osx-x64_bin.tar.gz (Size 171.07 MB)
  • jdk-11.0.5_osx-x64_bin.dmg (Size 170.73 MB)
  • jdk-11.0.5_windows-x64_bin.exe (Size 155.02 MB)
  • (Size 175.59 MB)
  • jdk1105-checksums.txt (Size 1 KB)
JAVA SE 11.0.4(LTS)
  • jdk-11.0.4_osx-x64_bin.dmg (Size 170.58 MB)
  • jdk-11.0.4_windows-x64_bin.exe (Size 154.85 MB)
  • jdk-11.0.4_osx-x64_bin.tar.gz (Size 170.96 MB)
  • (Size 175.36 MB)
  • jdk1104-checksums.txt (Size 1 KB)
JAVA SE 11.0.3(LTS)
  • jdk-11.0.3_osx-x64_bin.dmg (Size 170.18 MB)
  • jdk-11.0.3_osx-x64_bin.tar.gz (Size 170.52 MB)
  • jdk-11.0.3_windows-x64_bin.exe (Size 154.60 MB)
  • (Size 175.10 MB)
  • jdk1103-checksums.txt (TXT, 1KB)
JAVA SE 11.0.2(LTS)
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JAVA SE 8u231
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  • jdk-8u231-windows-i586.exe (Size 205.03 MB)
  • jdk-8u231-windows-x64.exe (Size 215.23 MB)
  • sha256-checksums.txt (TXT, 1KB)

Java SE Runtime Environment

  • server-jre-8u231-windows-x64.tar.gz (Size 50.05 MB)
  • jre-sha256-checksums.txt (TXT, 1 KB)
JAVA SE 1.8.0_u221
  • jdk-8u221-macosx-x64.dmg (Size 258.58 MB)
  • jdk-8u221-windows-x64.exe (Size 220.52 MB)
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Java SE Runtime Environment

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JAVA SE 8u212
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  • jdk-8u212-windows-i586.exe (Size 207.50 MB)
  • jdk-8u212-windows-x64.exe (Size 220.42 MB)
  • jdk8u212checksum.txt (TXT, 1KB)
Java SE Runtime Environment
  • jre-8u212-macosx-x64.dmg (Size 81.26 MB)
  • jre-8u212-macosx-x64.tar.gz (Size 72.63 MB)
  • jre-8u212-windows-i586.exe (Size 67.96 MB)
  • jre-8u212-windows-i586.tar.gz (Size 70.43 MB)
  • jre-8u212-windows-i586-iftw.exe (Size 1.99 MB)
  • jre-8u212-windows-x64.exe (Size 77.8 MB)
  • jre-8u212-windows-x64.tar.gz (Size 76.85 MB)
  • checksum.txt (TXT, 2 KB)
JAVA SE 8u202
  • jdk-8u202-macosx-x64.dmg (Size 249.15 MB)
  • jdk-8u202-windows-i586.exe (Size 201.64 MB)
  • jdk-8u202-windows-x64.exe (Size 211.58 MB)
  • jdk8u202checksum.txt (TXT, 1KB)

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