Centrify Express For Mac Smart Card Download

With support for more than 450 platforms, Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services secure and manage the industry's broadest range of operating systems. Select one of the featured platforms to learn more about how Centrify Identity-Centric PAM Services centrally secure and manage these operating systems. Download Supported Platform Data Sheet.

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Smart Cards and Derived Credentials

Enforce strong authentication via smart cards and derived credentials for access to Mac, mobile devices, and cloud and on-premises resources. Comply with security regulations without compromising device support.

Benefits of Strong Authentication

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with regulations that mandate smart cards and enable new, secure, mobile use cases with derived credentials for smart card access to mobile apps, sites and services.

Easy Deployment

Easy deployment into existing enrollment and issuance portals.

Centrify Express Download

Enable Single Sign-On

Provide smart card-based SSO access to cloud applications, internal web apps.

Leverage Existing Investments

Allows government agencies to leverage current security investments.

Easy MFA

Provides two-factor authentication for mobile devices without the need for awkward hardware attachments.

Integrated Device Management

Integrated device management to manage and lock down devices.

Strong Authentication

Derived Credentials: Smart Card Access for Mobile

Smart cards are a highly secure alternative to passwords, but as physical cards don’t work with mobile devices, Idaptive’s derived credential solution allows mobile devices to be used for secure mobile access to apps, websites and services that require smart card authentication. This capability extends Idaptive’s integration of identity-based security to mobility, offering secure single sign-on (SSO) in even the most highly regulated environments. It’s a seamless way to provide mobile access without compromising security.

Strong Authentication

Centrify Express Mac

Robust Mac Smart Card Support

Ensure strong authentication and single sign-on to Macs, cloud-based apps and other corporate services. Idaptive supports physical smart cards (such as CAC, CAC NG, PIV, PIV-I) and USB PKI Keys (such as YubiKey) to login to Active Directory in the same fashion as Windows systems.

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Centrify For Mac Os X

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Centrify Express For Smart Card

  • Connect a Smart Card reader to the mac.
    • If a reader still needs to be purchased, more information is available in the PKI Tutorials section of Security Endeavors.com under Use a Cert > Home Use > Get A Reader
    • Allow a few moments for drivers to be loaded when newly connecting any reader
  • Install the DoD Root Chains to trust and use the CAC/PIV certificates
    • Close Safari
    • Open Applications, then open the Utilities folder and double-click Keychain Access
    • Select File > Add Keychain
    • Click the Keychains drop down and select the hard drive icon to go to the top level of the disk
    • Navigate to System > Library > Keychains
    • Select SystemCACertificate.keychain, then click Add
    • Enter your Keychain password if asked to do so (same as login in most cases)
    • Close the Keychain window
      • Credit for steps goes to Centrify.com (source: http://www.centrify.com/downloads/products/documentation/mac-smart-smartcard/1.0.0/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm#href=SCE_DownloadCert.html)
    • Launch Safari again and proceed to the next step
  • Download and install OpenSC (Open Smart Card), the software that lets applications like Safari talk to the certificates on a CAC/PIV token
    • The latest OS X installers are at https://www.opensc-project.org/files/macosx/
    • Please consider reading more about Open Smart Card for OS X
      • https://www.opensc-project.org/opensc/wiki/MacInstaller
      • Hosts technical information and answers some questions
    • Download the topmost listed file by clicking on it once. When downloaded:
      • Double click the .DMG file to have OS X present its contents
      • Double click the PKG file in the window that opens to launch the installer
      • Select all of the defaults, changing none of the options, and follow the prompts
      • Enter the system Password (same as login) is asked.
      • Close the installer when finished
      • Close and re-launch Safari now that Open Smart Card is loaded
      • Time to try it out!
  • Using Certificates:
    • Launch Safari with a Reader connected and a Smart Card inserted
    • Navigate to https://www.my.af.mil
    • Click the Agree button
    • Enter the PIN in the window that is presented
    • The Portal page will open (for AF personnel)