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macOS Big Sur takes the most advanced operating system in the world to a whole new level of power and beauty, making your apps look better than ever on an all-new interface. New widget features and the new widget gallery help you deliver more value to your users. Adding intelligence to your apps with machine learning is even simpler and more extensive with new tools, models, training capabilities, and APIs. You can create more powerful Mac versions of your iPad apps with Mac Catalyst. And you can now easily bring your extensions to Safari — and to the App Store.

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All-new Interface

GATE Control Station. GATE Control Station is a free universal app for configuring, controlling and connecting GATE ecosystem elements. The app is now compatible with Android, iOS and Windows/macOS devices. The Velocitek Control Center is a free application for Windows and Mac OSX that lets you download GPS data from your Velocitek device, version 3.0 features direct track uploads to ChartedSails.

macOS Big Sur brings a new design that’s been finely tuned for the powerful features that make a Mac a Mac. Core features, such as the menu bar and Dock, take advantage of the large Mac display, with translucent backings and spacious pull-down menus. The new Control Center, designed just for Mac, provides quick access to controls while keeping the menu bar clutter-free. Notification Center puts recent notifications and powerful new widgets together in a single view for at-a-glance information as you work. And a streamlined new design for apps features full-height sidebars and integrated toolbar buttons.


Mission control mac

Easily build widgets using the WidgetKit framework and the new widget API for SwiftUI. Widgets now come in multiple sizes, and users can visit the new widget gallery to search, preview sizes, and add them to Notification Center to access important details at a glance.


Safari Extensions

With support for the popular WebExtension API, it’s even easier to bring powerful extensions to Safari. Xcode 12 even includes a porting tool to streamline the process.

The new Extensions category on the Mac App Store showcases Safari extensions, with editorial spotlights and top charts to help users discover and download great extensions from the developer community.

Machine Learning

With macOS Big Sur, creating apps that leverage the power of machine learning is even easier and more extensive with additional tools in Core ML for model deployment, new models and training capabilities in Create ML, more APIs for vision and natural language, and improved resources for training on Mac and converting models to Core ML format.

Mac Catalyst

Create even more powerful Mac versions of your iPad apps. Apps built with Mac Catalyst now take on the new look of macOS Big Sur and help you better define the look and behavior of your apps. You can choose to turn off automatic scaling of iPad controls and layout, allowing you to precisely place every pixel on the screen. Provide full control of your app using just the keyboard, take advantage of the updated Photos picker, access more iOS frameworks, and more.

User privacy on the App Store.

Later this year, the Mac App Store will help users understand apps’ privacy practices. You’ll need to enter your privacy practice details into App Store Connect for display on your product page.

Universal App Quick Start Program

Get your apps ready for Apple Silicon Macs. Create next-generation Universal apps that take full advantage of the capabilities the new architecture has to offer. Get all the tools, resources, support, and even access to prototype hardware you’ll need. You can also watch a collection of videos from WWDC20 to help you get started.

Tools and resources

Use Xcode 12 beta and these resources to build apps for macOS Big Sur.

GATE Control Station

GATE Control Station is a free universal app for configuring, controlling and connecting GATE ecosystem elements. The app is now compatible with Android, iOS and Windows/macOS devices.


GATE Control Station™

Simply update the firmware and/or adjust the settings at home, using the USB-Link and the GATE Control Station™ computer app. It is compatible with all firmware editions of ASTER and TITAN with GBU. Its future releases will also support Blu-Link. You can expect them in the following weeks.

Download GCS 3.0 beta 7 for Windows

Download GCS 3.0 beta 7 for macOS


GATE Control Station™ for TITAN without GBU

Simply update the firmware and/or adjust the settings at home, using the USB-Link and the GATE Control Station™ computer app.

Download GCS for Windows

Download GCS PORTABLE for Windows

Download GCS for macOS

Download GCS PORTABLE for macOS

GATE Control Station™ mobile app

Download the GATE Control Station™ app onto your Android or iOS mobile device and enjoy full control over your TITAN and ASTER on or off the field.

Download GCS app for Android

Download GCS app for iOS

Please note that due to Apple OTG policy GCS iOS app is not compatible with USB-Link. You can use it with Blu-Link dongle.


GCS PC / macOS 3.0GCS PC / macOS 2.xGCS AndroidGCS iOS
TITAN with GBU firmware+-++
TITAN without GBU firmware-++-

Please note: to connect ETU to GCS you need USB-Link or Blu-Link

Control options

Blu-Link with GCS appUSB-Link with GCS appProgramming via TriggerTactical Programming Card
Compatibility with ETU with GBU update+++-
Basic settings adjustment++++
Advanced settings adjustment++--
Firmware update++--
Sensors check++-+
Diagnostic Trouble Codes++++
Updates and support+++-

Acting as your own tactical control panel, GCS allows you to:

  • Simply adjust GATE device settings (TITAN, ASTER, Blu-Link, and future GATE products)
  • Manage connection with GATE dongles (Blu-Link, USB-Link)
  • See Statistics and participate in Rankings*
  • Display telemetry data collected by Blu-Link
  • Perform diagnostics and send reports

* not available in BASIC firmware edition

Logitech Control Center Mac

Moreover, GATE Control Station gives you the option to:

Control Center 3 Download Mac

  • Update and upgrade GATE ETU firmware
  • View firmware editions comparison
  • Check options available for different GATE ETUs and firmware editions in the Preview mode
  • Contact GATE support team
  • Receive important messages about updates and new releases

Update Brother Control Center Mac

GCS app is designed to support ASTER, TITAN, Blu-Link, USB-Link and future GATE ecosystem elements.