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Use this function to upload Web pages and mobility projects to the control system.

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About Web Pages and Mobility Projects

Transform any computer into a virtual Crestron® touch screen with XPanel. Crestron XPanel lets you control anything in your home, office or classroom using a laptop or desktop computer running Windows® or Mac®. XPanel works on any computer platform and any screen size using a mouse, touch screen monitor, or other pointing device. Everything you need to control a whole home system or a media room. Get started with the built-in Black Glass theme to control media devices, lights, climate, security, shades, and even RSS news feeds on TSW-750, TSW-1050, TPMC-V15, and XPanel for PC and Mac®. Then, change or add themes whenever you want.

Web page and mobility projects are projects that a user can load to their device by browsing to the URL of the control system or by requesting a URL from the control system. User devices include PC (XPanel), Mac (XPanel for Mac), iPhone and iPad (Crestron Mobile Pro).

It is possible for multiple projects, even multiple projects of the same type, to reside on the control system for access by different user interfaces. In addition, projects can be stored on Internal Flash or external media such as Compact Flash or MMC.

The Web Pages and Mobility Projects dialog manages all the information about where files are located and which files belong to which projects, so that files can be selectively uploaded or deleted without affecting other projects. Because of this, it is now required to use only this dialog rather than the File Manager tool, which does not create the necessary links to manage multiple projects.

Crestron Xpanel App

Rules for Uploading Multiple Projects

XPanel for Mac Interface module I'm trying to install Xpanel on a mac with the XPanel for Mac Interface module in Simpl windows, When I try to run the app on the Mac it wants a password. The documentation says this gets set in the simpl windows definition. The Crestron XPanel 2.0 Smart Graphics™ interface allows any PC or Mac to operate as a Crestron touch screen. NOTE: When using a browser running XPanel 2.0 Smart Graphics™ (Web) with 2-series systems (and some of the older 3-series systems) you may need to manually add the XPanel Web Configuration Module v1.1 (cm) to your program. » download crestron xpanel software » crestron xpanel software » cimon xpanel software. It was originally introduced to Mac users in Mac OS 9. A Windows version.

The 'default' project is the project that comes up when the user types the URL of the control system. The location of the default project is specified in a configuration file called '_config_ini'. Without this file, the device cannot determine which project is associated with the control system's URL, although a user who knows the full URL of the project would still be able to access it.

The control system first looks for a default project on external media, and if it finds one, it assumes that all projects are located on external media.

If the default project is not found on external media, the control system then checks Internal Flash (HTML).

For this reason:

  • When sending multiple projects (of any type), all projects must be located on the same media, i.e., Internal Flash or external media.

In addition:

  • When sending multiple XPanel or HTML projects to external media, the last project to be saved to the root HTML directory (e.g., CF0HTML) will become the default project.

  • If one or more XPanel or HTML projects are saved to one or more subdirectories on external media, and no project resides in the root directory, then there is no default. The full URL must be specified.

  • When sending multiple XPanel or HTML projects to Internal Flash, the last project to be saved to the root folder of Internal Flash (HTML) will become the default project. (Subdirectories cannot be created in Internal Flash.)

Crestron Mobile Pro and XPanel for Mac projects are not located by browsing to a URL and do not contain configuration files. Rather, the location is defined in the SIMPL module that controls the device.

For this reason:

  • Crestron Mobile Pro and XPanel for Mac projects must be located in the root HTML folder on the appropriate media, either Internal Flash or external media.

Download Xpanel For Windows

To load projects

  1. If you have not done so already, select the Enable Web Server check box and click Apply. This will reboot the control system. (Disabling the Web server makes all the options on this dialog unavailable.)

  2. (Optional) Click Set User Password to open the Set Password dialog, type the desired password into the text field and click OK.

    • The password is requested whenever the user connects to the control system's URL to view the Web pages. The same user password applies to all loaded projects.

    • To clear the password, open the Set Password dialog and click Disable Password.

  1. Locate the project folder.

  2. Type the project name in the Project Name field. The project name acts as a unique identifier. This field will automatically be populated with the selected file/folder name, but can be changed before the project is sent.

  3. Click the Include Subdirectories check box to transfer all subfolders that are in the project folder and files contained in them. If this is not checked only the files directly within the selected folder will be sent.

  4. Click the Send Modified Files Only check box to transfer only files that are new or have been changed since the last upload.

  5. Select the target directory: Internal Flash or Compact Flash (external media).

    • Select the target directory according to the rules discussed at the top of this page.

    • If you select Compact Flash, you can optionally create a subfolder that will store the project pages. The subfolder will be under the HTML folder, off the root of the appropriate media. Use this option with caution, keeping in mind the rules discussed at the top of this page.

  6. Click Send. This will start the transfer.
    If the project is an HTML project, you will be prompted to specify the default page, which is the first page to be displayed upon connecting to the Web server. Click Yes to specify the page (or No to cancel out). Locate the default page and click Open.
    Toolbox will first compact the file system to free reclaimable space. Then a status bar will display the progress of the transfer operation.

Show/Hide Project Management Controls: Click this button to toggle the display of the additional project management options.

  • To delete a project from the control system, select the project in the list and click Delete.

  • To delete all projects from the control system, click Erase All Projects. (This will erase all files in the HTML folder and subfolders.)

  • To retrieve a project from the control system and save it locally, select the project in the list and click Retrieve. Locate the target directory and click Save.

Advanced Use

Download Crestron Xpanel

Only allow one project per type: When this check box is selected, if a project is sent and the control system is already storing a project of the same type (i.e., XPanel, iPhone, XPanel for Mac, etc.) Toolbox will automatically replace the existing project regardless of name. Click the Apply button upon changing this option to reboot the control system and apply the new setting.

Crestron Xpanel Url