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Fun, but...

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  • Free to try PlayFirst Mac Version 1 Full Specs. 2008 / Version: Diner Dash: Flo on the Go 1 2008-04-26 23:37:32 By ef7389. Download Information.

The game is fun. If you ever played a Dinner Dash game you are sure to like it. The game has a plot of a diner having to remake itself. It could be expanded, but I know that is not the point of the game. The game is mostly clicking onitems in the right order, while keeping the customers happy. I enjoyed it for what it was - a 4 game. I just have one major problem. There seems to be a bug in the game. There are small video clips in this game, but gettiing out of them is tricky. It seems like it should just go right into the game after the clip, but it doesn't. It just plays the clip and if you press the screen it replays the clip. After some finagling, I found a way around this. I had to press the full screen button (even though I was already in full screen mode) twice, usually. Then, once the name popped up in the corner I had to click on it and oress quit. It would ask if I was sure, and I would say no. Then I would finally be into the game. I would then go into the opptions to get the game back into full screen. This really needs to be fixed. I think the game is priced about right, as long as you manage to actually get to play the game.

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Ditch your desk job, roll up your sleeves, and serve up some grub! Diner Dash blends the best in fast paced action puzzles with a build-your-own-restaurant-empire theme that encourages players to serve their way to the top. Whether you're an entrepreneur dreaming of your own chain of restaurants, or are just looking for a way to escape the grind of your own day job, you'll love the can't-put-it-down gameplay and unique world of Flo's DINER DASH!
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OS: Mac OS X 10.4+

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