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By Tasnia Salinas, on October 31, 2019, in Mac Uninstaller

Summary: In this article, we help you to learn How To Completely Uninstall Bitdefender Total Security on Mac Catalina by using the best Bitdefender Uninstaller - Omni Remover. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version here before continuing.

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So what's Bitdefender Total Security? Bitdefender Total Security is a software program developed by Bitdefender, and has been popularly contributed to Windows, macOS and Android devices. The most current release is Bitdefender Total Security version During the initial installation on macOS Catalina, Bitdefender Total Security requires grant privilege access in order to automatically start when booting your Mac.

Bitdefender Uninstall Tools includes all the freeware uninstallers for the 2015-2020 Bitdefender products. The products covered by this download are Internet Security, Total Security, Antivirus Plus for 2015 through to 2020, Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools v6.6.x+, Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools up to v6.4.x, and Endpoint Security by Bitdefender v5.x.

But why users want to uninstall Bitdefender Total Security on Mac? When installed Bitdefender Total Security on Mac, it will add a context menu handler and a menubar in order to provide quick access to the program. The Bitdefender Total Security DMG package generally installs about 200+ files and is usually about 271.37 MB (279,694,818 bytes). Most users want to quit and remove Bitdefender Total Security on their Mac is for its overloaded spying upon macOS (How To Uninstall MAFee on Mac). In this quick article, we'll discuss how to fully uninstall Bitdefender Total Security on the latest macOS Catalina.

  • Download Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for Mac to even Macs can pick up annoying adware programs from the Internet.
  • Step 4: Because of some specifics of this ransomware family, the tool will scan the system in a particular order rather than allow the user to select a folder with encrypted data. We strongly advise that users select the “Backup files” option. Step 5: Press the “Start Tool” button and let the decryptor finish the job.
  • Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool, Free Download by BitDefender. This is a free app that quickly eliminates adware from your Mac.

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Table of Content:

Part 1: Remove Bitdefender With The Best Mac App Uninstaller

Bitdefender Total Security comes with an inbuilt Uninstaller program, which is reliable for fast and complete program removal. If the standard uninstaller doesn't work, you can choose an expert Mac App Uninstaller as a workaround for particular situations. Go find Bitdefender Uninstaller in /Library/Bitdefender/Central/Agent/BitdefenderUninstaller.

Download Bitdefender Uninstall Tool For Mac

Omni Remover is the best Mac App Uninstaller software that can safely and fully uninstall Bitdefender Total Security on your Mac. It can save you the trouble of cleaning gigabytes of Bitdefender app leftover junk. Using Omni Remover is easy. You can learn how to clean uninstall Bitdefender Total Security on macOS Catalina in just three steps.

  1. Step 1:

    Download Omni Remover on your Mac > Install and Open Omni Remover (runs on macOS Catalina and other recent macOS versions).

    How To Uninstall Bitdefender on Mac Step 1
  2. Step 2:

    Choose App Uninstall > Bitdefender Total Security > Click Scan to browse Bitdefender associated cache junks, Extensions, Security Profiles, etc.

    How To Uninstall Bitdefender on Mac Step 2
  3. Step 3:

    Omni Remover now will browse all Bitdefender related app cache junk through your macOS system > After a second, click Clean to start uninstalling Bitdefender Total Security from your Mac.

    How To Uninstall Bitdefender on Mac Step 3

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Part 2: The Manual Way To Uninstall Bitdefender on Mac

By default, you can uninstall a program from Mac by simply dragging it from Applications folder to Trash. However, these common method will leave tons of application orphans and still taking up storage space on your Mac. So if you can find BitdefenderUninstaller, follow steps below to clean uninstall Bitdefender Total Security on your Mac.

  • Step 1: Open Finder > Go > Go to Macintosh HD > Library > Bitdefender > Central > Agent and run the BitdefenderUninstaller.
  • Step 2: Confirm Bitdefender Mac removal process by entering the administrator password. The uninstalling will begin.
  • Step 3: Search all Bitdefender related application junk manually in these subfolders: Application Support Caches Containers Frameworks Logs Preferences Saved Application State WebKit
  • Step 4: Delete the files associated with Bitdefender Total Security to Trash > Empty Trash and restart your Mac to finish the removal of Bitdefender on your Mac.

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Part 3: More Helpful Bitdefender for Mac Uninstall Tips

Once you've completely removed all those Bitdefender junk files and trashed the Bitdefender application, it should reclaim 300-500MB free storage space on your Mac hard drive. Apart from force uninstalling stubborn and bloated applications on macOS, Omni Remover can also clean up a variety of system caches, which probably will reclaim 3-5GB free space on your Mac (How To Clean Caches on Mac).

General Tips for Freeing Up Space on Mac:

  • Clear cache files on Mac: On average, Bitdefender Total Security or other macOS apps may contain 300-500 MB cached files. Various accumulated junk can take residence on your system over time. Clean them up on a timely basis.
  • Manage Extentions and Plug-ins: Bitdefender requires extensions and add-ons to incorporate throughout the system. You can fix storage problems by removing unwanted ones.
  • Force uninstall rogue and malecious apps: To uninstall stubborn applications would be harder than you think, such as MacKeeper, Kaspersky or alike. Omni Remover would be your best helper for its simple operation and powerful Mac application removal ability.
  • Reclaim free storage on Mac by deleting sketch cache junk: With newly introduced Sketch Cache Cleaner feature in Omni Remover, you can clear revision history for all Sketchdocuments, which can potentially reclaim gigabytes of free space on your Mac.
  • Omni Remover, clean uninstall Bitdefender on Mac in 1-Click.

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    If you have Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus or Bitdefender Virus Scanner installed on your Mac, submit it to Omni Remover for clean uninstall. What's interesting is that Omni Remover shows that Bitdefender occupies roughly about 1.65 GB space, while the executable file is only 0.35 GB. So, it's suggested to completely clean up these leftovers of Bitdefender Total Security. Free Download >

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    Requirements: OS X 10.8+ , 13.1Mb free space
    Version 3.2.1 (January 29, 2020) Support macOS Catalina Category: Mac Uninstaller

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    How To Download Bitdefender Already Paid For?

    Bitdefender antivirus protects your files and folders from the malicious software. It filters the unprotected content, and it also monitors the incoming and outgoing network. This antivirus is reliable and secures all the information on your default browser. You will get Bitdefender on your Windows and Mac computers by downloading, installing, and activating with the activation code at

    Bitdefender is a robust cybersecurity suite which caters to users of varied needs. It offers complete protection for assorted operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also provides protection against privacy invasion. Advanced threat protection, webcam protection, and secure browsing are some of the best features of this antivirus. It also comes with a file shredding tool, which enables users to remove their files securely. Moreover, its interface is supremely intuitive and easy to use.


    After uninstalling the outdated version, you need to download Bitdefender antivirus on your system to use its services. If you want to know the downloading steps of Bitdefender antivirus, then follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. You need to visit the Bitdefender website, which is
    2. Sign in to the Bitdefender account that you have paired to the Bitdefender.
    3. Create a Bitdefender account in case you don’t have yet.
    4. For this procedure, you need to type the email ID, password, name, birth date, and any other required information.
    5. Sign in to the Bitdefender account if you are a registered user.
    6. Follow the downloading process to get the Bitdefender antivirus on your computer.
    7. Read the instructions provided on the download window.
    8. Click on the Agree button.
    9. You need to finish the downloading process completely.

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    All-In-One Security For Your Devices

    Enter the 20-digit alphanumeric product key for activating the Bitdefender antivirus on your computer. If you cannot find the product key, log in to your account at Follow the steps mentioned below to activate the Bitdefender antivirus:

    1. Press on the site link
    2. Click on the email that you have received on your associated email account with Bitdefender.
    3. Enter the activation key by searching for it on the CD envelope.
    4. Click twice on the Bitdefender installed file.
    5. Press on the Activate box.
    6. After that, type the 20-digit alphanumeric product key.
    7. After entering the product key, your Bitdefender is activated now.


    1. Search for the Bitdefender product which you have already installed on the system.
    2. Check the Bitdefender compact disk cover to find the product code.
    3. Select the current country and also the known language.
    4. Enter the 20-digit alphanumeric Bitdefender product key on the activation window.
    5. Enter the Bitdefender registered email ID.
    6. Press on the Submit button.
    7. Then, verify the Bitdefender product.

    Bitdefender For Mac 2020

    Detailed Procedure To Set Up Bitdefender Central Account

    • First and foremost, launch the already installed web explorer on your PC or laptop. To open your preferred web browser that you usually use click on the browser icon either from your desktop or from the system tray.
    • Now, insert the URL that will take you to the Bitdefender Central official webpage. For this, simply type “”. Apart from this, you can directly reach the login page via
    • Moving on, from the desired web page look at the upper right corner and click on My Account option with the profile icon. And from the drop down list, select Bitdefender Central activation.
    • Next, from the Bitdefender Login web page, select the Create One option to access the sign up page .
    • As a result, you will be showcased with the desired web page that prompts you to insert the following information.
      • Full Name– You must have to input your complete name correctly into the text field.
      • Email Address– Add the username that you want to hook up with this account.
      • Password- Form a distinct and innovative passcode that is hard to guess and easy to recall. This is so because it will secure your password from the online fraudsters.
    • Beyond this, on the same window, you will notice the Terms Of Use link, click on it. Examine the whole document closely and then give your consent by marking the checkbox given next to it.
    • Soon after this, review the details entered once again and simply place your cursor over the Create Account button.
    • Eventually, you will receive the Confirmation Email on the specified email address, access the same and press the Verify Tab to end the procedure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. How to update the Bitdefender Central Login password to keep your account safe from unauthorized access?

    Ans. It is essential to change the password for the Bitdefender Central account so as to secure your account details before being stolen or being misused by the online fraudsters. To do so, you have to follow the guidelines explained below carefully without missing any single step.

    • Firstly, launch the web browser that you usually use on your device and connect it to a strong broadband internet connection.
    • After completing the configuration part, use the web address i.e to reach the login page.
    • Add the registered login details carefully and you will successfully logged in to your Bitdefender Central account.
    • Now, you will trace the profile icon with your username on the top left corner, click on it. From there, instantly opt for the Bitdefender Account option from the drop down menu list.
    • Next, you are required to hover your cursor and opt for the Password and Security option. Doing so, you will get a new window in front of you, click the Password option from there.
    • You are then prompted with an empty text bar where you have to insert the currently using password to log in to your account.
    • Along with this, you also have to add the New Password that you want to update to keep your account safe from the unauthorized access.
    • After entering the details carefully, check it twice and make the mandatory changes over there only if you find any typing error. Then, you have to press the Change Password tab.
    • Finally, your New Password is then generated and then you can use that password to login to your Bitdefender account safely.

    Q2. How can I remove the device from my Bitdefender Central account?

    Ans. Sometimes the users want to remove their device from their Bitdefender account because either they don’t want to access this software from that device or want to free up the storage space.To do so, have a look at the procedure for the same that is discussed below.

    • Visit either the official website of Bitdefender or visit directly to the login page via Central bitdefender activation.
    • Provide the registered email address and password specified with this account into the specified fields. After this, select the Sign In option.
    • Now, look at the left hand panel and from there opt for the My Devices option.
    • Instantly after this, pick up the device that you want to remove from this Bitdefender account.
    • Afterwards, tap on the three dots that you will locate beneath the Notification icon.
    • At last, choose the Remove option to successfully remove your device.