Download Lastpass For Safari Mac


  1. Scroll down to 'LastPass for Safari' and click on 'Download'. Go to your downloads folder and double-click on lastpass.safariextz. Safari Extensions Preferences should open with a dialog box stating 'Would you like to install.' Click on 'Install from Developer' in the dialog box.
  2. Find LastPass for Safari and click “Download.” Emma Witman/Business Insider The LastPass version available in Mac’s App Store is a ‘Legacy Version’ of the LastPass Safari extension, and won’t allow you to add LastPass to the Safari toolbar. Open the application downloader.

Once you download the LastPass extension from, it integrates directly with Safari on your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or macOS device. Whenever you log in to an account on a website, LastPass will ask to save the username and password. When you return to the site, the LastPass autofill. Staff Feb 11, 2015 LastPass for Mac gives you a safe place to keep all of your sensitive account log-ins and other info, so you don't have to remember it all.


How do I use the LastPass Safari app extension on my Mac?

Once you have installed the Safari app extension for macOS, you can use it to manage your LastPass Vault, including management of all your sites, secure notes, and form fill items.

Install and log in

If you are a LastPass Enterprise or Identity admin, please see Install LastPass Software Using the Admin Console.

Download Lastpass For Safari On Mac

  1. Download and install the LastPass Mac app from the App Store.
  2. Once installed, double-click the LastPass App icon to launch it.
  3. The LastPass Menu Bar icon will appear in the Menu Bar. Click the LastPass Menu Bar icon and select Log in to LastPass from the menu.
  4. Enter your username and Master Password, then click Log In.
  5. If prompted, complete steps for Multifactor Authentication (if it is enabled on your account).

  6. Once authenticated, your LastPass Vault opens, and you can use the Safari app extension icon in the web browser or the LastPass Menu Bar icon in the top navigation to use the Quick Search feature (if enabled) open your Vault, generate passwords, manage your Preferences, check for updates, log out, and quit.

Use the LastPass Safari app extension

Once installed, you can use the LastPass Safari app extension just as you would on any web browser, including opening your Vault, viewing Recently Used items or All Items, add a new item, generate a secure password, manage your account settings, log out, and much more.

Use the LastPass Vault

You can launch your LastPass Vault from the LastPass Safari app extension icon or by clicking on the LastPass Menu Bar icon and selecting Open My Vault.

Vault features include:

  • Easy navigation between sites, secure notes, and form fill items
  • Click the Add icon to add a new site password, secure note, or form fill item
  • Hover over your desired site password, secure note, or form fill item, then choose from the following options:
    • Click Launch to launch a site and log in automatically with your stored credentials
    • Click the Edit icon make changes to your password, secure note, or form fill item
    • Click the Share icon to share your site password or secure note
  • In the left navigation, select from any of the following options:
    • Security Dashboard to view your security score and manage dark web monitoring alerts
    • Sharing Center to access the Sharing Center
    • Emergency Access to access Emergency Access
    • Account Settings to manage your LastPass Account Settings
    • More Options to manage other settings

Add a new item:

  1. Click the Add icon .
  2. Click to select your desired item type.
  3. Fill in all the information you want to store. Depending on your item type, you can also:
    • Click the Favorite icon to mark as a Favorite
    • Manage Autologin (site passwords only)
    • Manage Disable Autofill (site passwords only)
    • Manage Require a Password Reprompt
    • Generate a New Password (site passwords only)
    • Assign to a folder
    • Add Attachments (secure notes and form fill items only)
  4. Click Save when finished.

Edit or delete an item:

  1. Locate the item you would like to update or remove, then click Edit.
  2. You can:
    • Make your desired changes, then click Save.
    • Click the Delete icon to remove and send to Deleted Items

Use the LastPass Menu Bar options

Lastpass For Safari On Ipad

Use the LastPass Menu Bar icon to access the following:

Download Lastpass For Safari Mac
  • Quick Search feature (if enabled in your Preferences)
  • Open your Vault
  • Generate a secure password
  • Manage your Preferences
  • Check for updates for the app
  • Log out of your LastPass account
  • Quit the app

Refresh Vault or Clear cache

  1. Open your LastPass Vault , then click the File menu.
  2. Choose from one of the following options:
    • Refresh Vault to force recently made changes to be manually synced
    • Clear Cache to remove any locally stored files from your active LastPass session, and is recommended to be used when using a public computer

Using Quick Search and Hotkeys

Make your LastPass experience faster by using Quick Search and hotkeys. The Vault and Quick Search can be opened by clicking on the LastPass Menu Bar icon , or you can use the following hotkeys (these can be changed in your LastPass Preferences): Shift +Command +L (⇧⌘L)


  1. Click the LastPass icon in your Menu bar.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Make your desired changes to your General, Notifications, Hotkeys, and/or Advanced settings.
  4. Click Save when finished.

Add Lastpass To Safari Mac

Log out or quit

  1. Click the LastPass icon in your Menu Bar.
  2. Click Log Out to sign out of your current LastPass account, or click Quit LastPass to close the Safari app extension.
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