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Microsoft’s Outlook is a popular desktop email client application which can be used not only on the Windows operating system but also on Apple’s MacOS (by the name Outlook for Mac).

It’s easy to handle single or multiple emails accounts in Outlook including those of Microsoft Exchange and web email services.

Gmail for Mac is the best and most powerful Gmail desktop client. It's perfect for quickly accessing your Gmail account without ever needing to open a web browser. The app is fully feature packed and built for speed and ease of use.

  1. Also, if the issue still persist, for using Outlook for Mac, we have dedicated support team for it, which is specializing to handling Outlook for Mac related issue. So, kindly use the contact support option to get the dedicated support within the Outlook for Mac for further assistant.
  2. Features not yet available in the new Outlook for Mac. There are several features that are available in the current version of Outlook for Mac for Office 365 that aren't yet available in the new Outlook experience. S/MIME - Now available in Insider Fast version 16.43.
  3. Limiting Sync email to Outlook for Mac Looking for a way to stop the Mac 365 Outlook client from downloading all my google mail. Is there not a setting to say only download the last xx days, months etc?
  4. Microsoft Outlook for Mac: The professional email and calendar app that helps you stay on top of what matters on your Mac. Download Microsoft Outlook for Mac Now.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the methods for downloading Outlook email items and folders to Windows desktops in some popular file formats.

Download Emails to Computer

    1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
    2. Select Email Messages.

Note: For selecting multiple email messages, Press & Hold CTRL and select emails.

    1. Click on the File tab – top left in the menu bar.
    1. Click Save As.
    1. Now, browse for a path to save the email message(s).
    1. Assign the text file a name.

Note: For individual emails, you also have formats like Outlook Message Format – Unicode (.msg), Outlook template (.oft), HTML (.htm/.html), and MHT (.mht).

    1. Click on Save button to download/save the select email message(s).

Download Outlook Folders to Computer

For downloading/saving selected Outlook mailbox folders to the PC, the steps are slightly different:

    1. Open Outlook desktop email client.
    2. Click on the File tab.
    1. Click Open & Export.
    1. Select Import/Export now.
    1. Select Export to a file and then click Next.
    1. Select Comma Separated Values and click Next.
Download Outlook Email For Mac
    1. Select specific mailbox folder(s) and click Next.

Note: For demonstration, we’ve chosen the Inbox folder, which by default carries all received emails unless archived.

    1. Assign a name to the file, browse for a path to save it and click Next.
    1. Click Finish.

You’ve downloaded/saved the selected mailbox folder successfully.

Download/Save Email as Word file

For downloading/saving Outlook messages in word format, first you need to save Outlook items in HTML file later open the HTML file with MS Word and then save the file as a Word document.

Steps are as follows:

    1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
    2. Select email messages.
    1. Click on the File tab.
    1. Select Save As.
  1. Assign the file with a name and browse a file saving location.
  2. Form the Save As type list, select HTML and click Save.
  3. Right-click on the HTML file click Open With and select Word 2016/2019.
  4. Again, click on the File tab, click Save As, and select Word Document (*.docx),
  5. Click Save.

Download/Save Email as PDF

Saving Outlook email messages in PDF format is not possible directly; the first step is saving email messages as HTML file and then, saving the file as PDF using Microsoft Word.
Follow the below steps:

Download Outlook App For Mac

    1. For saving the email messages in HTML format file, perform step 1 to 6 of the section Download/Save Email as Word.
    2. Now, right-click on the HTML file, select Open With, and choose Word 2016/2019,
    3. Click on the File tab.
    1. Click on Print and select Microsoft Print to PDF.
  1. Assign the file with a name and Browse for a file save location.
  2. Click Save.

How to access inaccessible Outlook PST emails?

While saving email message(s) or exporting specific mailbox folders on local storage, sometimes the file carrying the items turns corrupt or damaged due to many reasons, which puts the data on high risk.

Download Outlook Email Windows 10

To fix the issue of Outlook file corruption & damage, selection of a right tool plays a decisive role.

In such situations, we suggest downloading Kernel for Outlook PST Repair tool.

Use Kernel’s PST recovery tool to fix file corruption or damage issues. It has no restriction on file size and imports single or multiple corrupt PST file(s) at once.


Above methods of downloading/saving/exporting the email items or folders will help you in different scenarios as per the need, and if file corruption or damage issue occurs in between or suddenly, Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is the best fix.


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