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Installing Panopto for Mac


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Panopto Windows App

On May 29th, users will be require to upgrade to the 6.0 version of the recording. Please use this help for instructions.

Sep 11, 2020 Hotkeys: You can use Panopto for Mac hotkeys to start a recording, pause, and stop, all with a few keys so you don't need to minimize the content you're recording to click the buttons. Note: If you are using a Windows keyboard, use Windows + Alt instead of Option + Command for the following. Panopto offers a recording application that can be downloaded to a computer running Windows or Mac OS. Panopto Capture Beta offers similar functionality, but runs entirely in your web browser and does not require a download. Video recorded with Panopto or Panopto Capture Beta can be stored, edited, and shared using the same methods.

Panopto Installer

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Note You may need administrator access on your computer to install Panopto. Please contact your department IT Pro for this access.

Download Panopto App

  1. From your Canvas site, click the Panopto Videos button in your course navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Create button and select Record a new session (see Fig. 1) from the dropdown menu.
    Figure 1: Select Record a new session in the dropdown menu.
    Click the Download Panopto button in the popup window (see Fig. 2).
    Figure 2: Click the Download Panopto button.
  3. Save the .pkg recorder file to your computer.
  4. After the download is complete, click on the .pkg file to run the installation wizard. The file is most likely in your Downloads folder (see Fig. 3).
    Figure 3: Opening the Panopto package file from the Downloads folder in the Doc.
  5. Click the Continue button (see Fig. 4) in the Install Panopto Recorder window.
    Figure 4: Click the Continue button to allow Panopto to install on your computer. Administrator access may be required to complete this step.
  6. Click through the wizard to the Install Software button. Enter your username and password for the computer and click the button.
  7. After Panopto is installed, click the Move to Trash button.
  8. In the Panopto screen that appears (see Fig. 4), enter your PawPrint ID and password in the login fields.
    Figure 4: Enter your Mizzou Pawprint ID and password in the fields.

Minimum system requirements and additional instructions are available at

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