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We love the traditional PERRLA for Word software. It’s been a tried and true companion that has helped hundreds of thousands of students tackle millions of papers and achieve their dreams.

An internet-connected computer in order to access the PERRLA website. In Manual Activation, your PERRLA software will generate a unique set of information that you will then enter into the PERRLA website. In return, the PERRLA website will provide unique information that you will enter into your PERRLA software to complete the activation process. After the download has completed, Firefox will display the PERRLA.MSI file that was downloaded. Double-click on the PERRLA.MSI file to begin installation. After the download has completed, you can double click the PERRLA.MSI file in the bottom left of your browser window, or goto your Chrome Downloads page and click on PERRLA.MSI there to being. Using PERRLA with Microsoft Word. PERRLA for Word runs side-by-side with Microsoft Word. Think of it as a 'helper' to Word. You type the body of your paper in Word but use PERRLA to create and edit your Title Page, References, Citations, etc. When you make changes in PERRLA for Word, your Word document is updated to reflect those changes. PERRLA handles all the APA & MLA formatting for you, so you can focus on writing your paper instead of formatting it. NEW - APA 7th Edition Now Included!. PERFECT RESEARCH PAPERS & DISCUSSION POSTS. PERRLA for Word can create Research Papers and Discussion Posts with just a click for APA 6, APA 7, & MLA 8.

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But after working hard for the past twenty years, it’s ready to transition to the easy life up-state. We’re working on a completely new version of PERRLA for Word that will carry PERRLA for the next twenty years.


We’re rebuilding it to take advantage of the latest updates from Microsoft Word and modern coding standards. While that may seem like tech mumbo-jumbo, it means that the new PERRLA for Word can solve a number of pain points for students using the existing version. And – provide us a platform to build on for years to come.

Let’s break this down a little into just a few of the basic improvements we’re going to be able to make:

  1. PERRLA for Word will be the same on Windows and Mac computers! No longer will the Mac and Windows versions look and behave differently. They’ll look and work the exact same way no matter what computer you’re using.
  2. PERRLA for Word will have its own tab in Word. Yup – no more living in the “Add-Ins” tab or running side-by-side with Word. We now have our own tab, buttons, dropdowns, and menus. It’s like we’re growing up and moving out of Word’s proverbial basement.
  3. Modern screens, forms, & windows. Our current Windows and Mac applications face a number of restraints when it comes to how we display PERRLA with/alongside Word. The latest version will have it’s very own panel inside Word that is scalable and re-sizeable for every screen size! So no matter how long your reference is or how large you want your text, we can adjust to fit your screen (even in dual monitor setups!).
  4. An updated Reference Library. We’re bringing the best of PERRLA Online’s Reference Library to PERRLA for Word. We’ve even streamlined it to make adding references is faster. It will also let you your own references and still keep everything in the right order!
  5. Easier to navigate and use. Since we have our very own tab, we can make it easy to find everything you need in one place (without hiding it in dropdowns or various tabs). You can also use the menu in the PERRLA panel to navigate as well – just like any modern website or app!

OK – this is really just the tip of the iceberg for things that the new PERRLA for Word is going to be able to do. But we don’t want to spill the beans on all of it just yet.

We will update you each month as we make progress. So, check back and see what other improved features will be heading your way soon! And if you have any feedback on what you’ve seen so far – let us know! We love feedback and want to know what you think about our latest improvements.

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Thanks for using PERRLA and good writing!