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By Gina Barrow, Last updated: August 27, 2019

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WhatsApp is one of the famous messenger applications on mobile phones. It is easy to use and very convenient. However, some people prefer to use the web version of the messenger application because is more convenient and the constructing of messages is much easier using the keyboards. Unfortunately, for many years WhatsApp has been focusing only on mobile phones and probably losing a small percentage of its users. But, after the long years, WhatsApp finally has launched its web version.

Amongst the excited users of WhatsApp are the Mac users. You are probably one of them. No need to be shy to admit as WhatsApp is a very handy application. Besides, it was a long wait before WhatsApp finally decided to launch a web version. But, YES a big BUT. There are minor setbacks on WhatsApp web version. Reports have been roaming around thatWhatsApp is not working smoothly on Mac or totally not working at all.

So what would be the probable reason why these events happen. What are the solutions to prevent WhatsApp to stop working? What can you do and should do? Read on and discover some helpful tips to optimize WhatsApp on your Mac using the PowerMyMac of FoneDog. With just a few clicks on PowerMyMac Cleaner, your web version of WhatsApp will be working again smoothly.

Section 1: How to Install WhatsApp on Mac


First, you need to install WhatsApp on your Mac. If you already have it then skip this section. For those Mac users having trouble downloading WhatsApp on their Mac. Here are the easy steps to do it.

Step 1: Downloading WhatsApp

Go to the official website of WhatsApp and download the application. Although WhatsApp is available on Mac App Store, it is much easier to get approved on WhatsApp official website.

Step 2: Installing and Scanning of QR Code

Install the WhatsApp desktop version. Run the application. It will ask you to scan the QR Code using the mobile app version of WhatsApp on your phone. Proceed to the QR code scanning by following the directions according to your phone model.

Step 3: Syncing conversation from your WhatsApp mobile to Web

WhatsApp will then sync all the conversations on your mobile and web version after the QR scanning process. Finish!

NOTE: The mobile WhatsApp must be connected to the internet and running when you are using the WhatsApp web version.

Section 2: Reasons Why WhatsApp Web Version Starts to Stop Working

If you have been using the desktop version of WhatsApp for quite some time now. Then, you have been probably experiencing some minor problems. One of the most recent problems encountered by Mac users of WhatsApp web version is it suddenly stops working. You may think about what could be the reason or reasons behind it.

Here is the answer to your queries.

1. Browser Problems and Cookies

Clearing and boosting your Mac regularly is as important as clearing your browser cookies. Not clearing your browser cookies regularly may lead to abnormal function of the browser. Thus, affecting your WhatsApp web version and leads to its force stop.

You may also want to consider the version of your browser if it is up to date. Outdated browsers may be the cause of the applications to forced stop.

2. Network Problems

WhatsApp web and mobile version both needs an internet connection. If you have a poor or a problem on your connection, then it may be the reason for the app to stop working.

Section 3: Solutions to Fix Your Problems

Cleaning up your browser cookies regularly is essential to prevent it from running slow and crashing. Also, updating your browser is as same importance with clearing its cookies regularly. Keeping it up to date minimize the bugs on your browser that may cause a problem.

For easy cleanup of your browser use the PowerMyMac powered by FoneDog. Although it can be done manually, it would take you some time and it will require you to go to different settings. With PowerMyMac, you can clear your cookies and check for the speed of your connection all at once.

Easy steps to clean up your browser with PowerMyMac.

Step 1: Download and Install PowerMyMac

Go to the FoneDog Official web page and download the PowerMyMac on your Mac. Install and run the program.


Step 2: Start the Cleanup

After launching PowerMyMac, click the ToolKit. Select Privacy and click the Scan button. The program will then start to scan your browsers data on your Mac.

Step 3: Browsing the Scan Results

Click the View to browse go through the scan result.

You can do a Rescan, just click the Rescan button.

Step 4: Choose the Browser Data to Clear

Select all or selectively choose the data to be cleared. Select the Browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Click the Browser Cash, Cookies, and History you want to clear.

Step 5: Done!

Select the Clean button. Click confirm to start the process. Wait for a few minutes to complete the process.

Check your internet connection speed with PowerMyMac.

This will ensure that your connection is not causing the crashing of WhatsApp. Follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Selecting the Wi-Fi Analysis feature

Run the PowerMyMac. Check the status of the running main interface. Then, click Wi-Fi in the Toolkit.

Step 2: Analyzing Wi-Fi on your Mac

Click the Analysis. The program will display the Wi-Fi details on your Mac.

Step 3: Testing your Wi-Fi Speed

Go to the Wi-Fi detail's page. It will show 2 major categories on the left column stating the complete details of Wi-Fi.

To start the test, click the Network Speed and then select Test displayed on the right lower portion of the screen. Wait for a few minutes and you're done!

NOTE: If this following still did not work. Try to uninstall your browser. Download and install again.

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Section 4: Wrapping Up

Optimizing and boosting your Mac may not be enough to prevent crashing of applications like WhatsApp. It is also essential to clean up your browser regularly. With PowerMyMac of FoneDog, you can now boost your Mac and browser at the same time.

An all in one tool that is design to give you convenience and saves you time to do more important things.

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