How Do I Download Skype For Business On My Mac

Good news, the Skype for Business Mac client is now generally available! It’s been a long time waiting, but Microsoft has hit their October 2016 deadline. Version: File Name: SkypeForBusinessInstaller- Date Published: File Size: 35.9 MB Skype for Business. I've got a user who is trying to make calls using skype for business on a MacBook but when they do, the mic doesn't seem to be working. All of the audio settings are turned up full on the skype settings and the strange things is that in the system preferences I can see that the mic is picking up sound and working fine. After you click to download the program, you may be prompted to save or open the program SkypeSetup.exe. Always choose to save the file to your hard drive. Do not open or run the program during the download process. Skype sometimes posts two types of downloads, the general public version and the next new beta version.

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Skype For Business Download

See when your contacts are available online. Schedule and join meetings. Present your screen during meetings, or give control to others. If you're using Skype for Business on a Mac, see the Skype for Business on Mac Quick Start. Download and install Skype for Business. To use Skype for Business on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, you and other people in your business have to first install the Skype for Business download on your devices. Install Skype for Business: Instructions for how to download the app from the Microsoft 365 admin center, and install it on your PC.

Skype for Business is distinct from the Skype application for home use.

Use Microsoft Skype for Business to access Indiana University's UniCom service.

The capabilities of Skype for Business are integrated with Microsoft Office applications, and include:

  • Chat using instant messaging
  • Make audio or video calls (including audio or video conference calls)
  • Share files
  • Share your desktop
  • See others' availability and manage the information others see about you
The features you can use depend on which mode you're using, UniCom Basic or UniCom Enterprise Voice; see IU UniCom feature comparison. Students are eligible for UniCom Basic only.

Available versions



Skype for Business is included in Office 365.


On macOS, options include:

Skype For Business On Macbook

  • Skype for Business is included in Office 365.
  • You can download Skype for Business on Mac from IUware. For information about features of Skype for Business on Mac, see Explore Skype for Business.
Skype for Business on Mac does not yet include file sharing or desktop sharing. If you rely heavily on these features, consider waiting to upgrade to Skype for Business until they are available.

Get started

Before attempting to use Skype for Business with Indiana University's UniCom service, see Get started with UniCom/Skype for Business.

To learn how to perform common tasks in Skype for Business, see UniCom. Also, see Skype for Business help & learning.

How Do I Download Skype For Business On My Mac

For an introduction to UniCom, including how-to PDFs and videos, seeUniCom.

Microsoft Skype For Mac



IU faculty and staff can obtain compatible devices (USB devices or IP phones) by going through their department telecommunications coordinators and/or their IT Pros. For more about available devices, see About office telephone equipment at IU.

If you do not know who your telecommunications coordinator is, at IU Bloomington, call 812-856-2287; at IUPUI, call 317-274-3004. You can also email Communications Planning and Implementation.

To learn the name of your department's IT Pro, consult your supervisor, your departmental website, or IT People. If you still cannot identify your IT Pro, call the UITS Support Center at 812-855-6789 (Bloomington) or 317-274-4357 (Indianapolis).
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