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'How can I make movies on my Mac?' There are plenty of movie maker for Mac available to help you convert your timeless videos into lasting movies and then share them with all your friends and loved ones. For example, iMovie is a good choice. However, although it offers much functionality and sharing options, it's hard for beginner users to make movies. Now I‘d like to highly recommend the below easiest movie maker for Mac (10.13 High Sierra included).

The Easiest Movie Maker for Mac (10.13 High Sierra)

Looking to download safe free versions of the latest software for Mac, freeware, shareware and demo programs from a reputable download site? Visit FileHippo today. The Mac App Store is full of all manner of apps, from simple utilities to complex programs. New apps are published every day, making it hard to find the best of the best — which is where we come in. We've gathered the best free apps for the Mac, all in one place so you don't have to go digging. My criteria for apps on this list. YIFY Movies is a good place to download HD movies on MacBook Pro. There are movies available in 720P, 1080P, 2160P 4k and 3D quality in small file size. You can view the details of a movie, including the genre, rating, size, length, resolutions, etc. You can start to download a movie on MacBook immediately without the need to register.

An added perk is that the software isn’t exclusive to Mac, so you can switch between different computers with different operating systems if you need to. That subscription gives you access to Premiere Pro for editing all sorts of video, from 3D and even 8K. Download movies on your Mac with VideoDuke. Using the best possible tool for Mac, movies download becomes a very easy and interesting task. The name of this tool is VideoDuke and it brings you the full power of a video processing studio in one app with a great user interface and awesome functions.

iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac is an easy to use Mac movie maker that features an array of custom themes as well as personalized options to help make your movies unique to you. It has plenty of features to help you get your movies done professionally. Its support for full HD video allows you to enjoy high definition videos on your big screen. Moreover, this Mac movie maker also features loop audio functionality which is ideal when trimming and re-using certain scenes from the video. If you are looking for a movie maker for Mac that adds a personalized touch to your home videos, then the animated captions, the multiple voiceovers as well as the narration features of this software are sure to win your heart.

Key Features of This Movie Maker Mac:

  • Easily import any videos, photos, and tracks to make movies.
  • Enable handy editing tools enables you to edit the videos.
  • Add background music and customize voiceover to the movies.
  • Instantly share the movie to YouTube, iTunes, Apple devices or burn to DVD.

3 Steps to Make Movies on Mac OS X

Making anyone love to make movies is the purpose of iSkysoft Slideshow Maker. Ease to use is the unique value. Here I'll show you how to create a home movie everyone loves to watch, sharing anywhere.

Step 1. Import Video/Photo Files into Mac Movie Maker

After install and open Slideshow Maker for Mac, choose creating a new project and go to File > Import to add video, photo, audio from your Mac. Also, you can import media files in these ways.

  • Media Browser: This Mac movie maker provides you with a Media Browser to easily import media files from important folders and library.
  • Finder: Directly drag and drop files from iTunes to the program.

Step 2. Personalize Movie Themes

The default movie themes in the Mac movie maker will be applied when you import media files. To choose your own movie themes, simply drag and drop a style on the top right to timeline. A blue box will indicate which slides will be included. Of course, you can increase the slide number of a certain movie theme. To do so, mouse over a style and click the setting icon when it appears. Other settings are also included, such as clip duration and background.

The direct way to change the photo durations is to right click the slide, and select duration from Duration menu.

Note: Some movie themes need to be downloaded online before use. Here is the all in one resource package that contains all themes and extra Intro/Credit slides. You can download it first and use styles on Mac without the Internet connection.

Step 3. Preview and share your movie

Only a few clicks, you've weaved your photos/videos into a good-looking movie. Next, you can save movies and share with others. To do so, go to 'Share' menu on top, and select an output method. For your convenience, you can directly upload your shows to YouTube, burn to DVD with or without iDVD, export to iTunes library, or watch on iPod/iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/Android.

Tips:You're recommended to save the project for later editing. To do so, go to File > Save or Save As.

While iSkysoft Mac movie maker definitely has a lot of new features, you can expect to find even the most basic functions. Keep your videos simple with basic special effects such as Black and White or Sepia. Trim away unnecessary sections to make your videos more compact.

Perhaps the best thing about this Mac movie maker lies in its sharing functionality. Most other movie makers for Mac require a third party program to help you share your home videos on social and video sites such as YouTube or Facebook. iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac allows you to share your videos when and where you want it. Simply edit and publish on the web. Making movies on Mac has never been so easy!

Burn Slideshow to DVD on Mac (macOS 10.13 High Sierra)

After making the movies, you might want to burn the movies to DVD for sharing or playing on big screen. If so, you can use iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac to burn movies to DVD. This DVD creator supports many video formats, so you do not need to worry about the format compatibility. And it enables a built-in video editor for you to edit your videos and add effects to make them attractive. You can get more benefits with this DVD tool:

  • Burn movies or videos in any format to DVD.
  • Convert online movies or homemade movies to DVD.
  • Edit videos and allow you to add DVD menu to the videos.
  • Burn videos to DVD disc, DVD files and other outputs.

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Video Library Software Download- A list of 9 good options for the users
Video library software help you manage organized collections of videos that may include many contents like movies and music videos.


The major advantage of the digital library is that it is not confined to one particular place unlike the conventional physical libraries, and thus users of library software can access videos and other contents from any geographical locations. Here is the list of library software comprising 9 better alternatives.

1. Movie Organizer Deluxe

Movie Organizer Deluxe is paid movie library software very useful for movie buffs, hobbyists, professional movie collectors and clubs offering users

  • Widest choice of movie collections on their PCs with Windows operating systems.
  • Providing many useful features like Table viewer that organizes data in rows and columns
  • Free trial download options


TMPGEnc KARMA is a valuable video library software free for the users to list their videos in their PCs installed with windows OS.

  • Can be used to organize videos playable in windows media player with video extensions like avi, .mpg, .mpeg, etc.
  • Comprises of many advanced features like viewing up to 4 video options simultaneously
  • Free software

3. Movie Collector –


Download Movie Hd App For Mac

Movie Collector software is another good video library management system facilitating users to catalog their DVD and Blue-Ray movies, TV series, images and videos in their PCs running with Mac and Windows OS.

  • Comes with advanced features like automatic down, and barcode scan.
  • Consumers can browse, sort and search their video library.
  • Paid software with free trial options.

Movie Download App For Mac

4. D Space

D Space is a video library software open source option available for a larger group of users and developers around the world.

  • Used by numerous government, educational and private organizations to store and use various types of digital contents
  • The software can be completely customized to the different needs of the consumers and developers.
  • Free software.

5. DVD Profiler

DVD Profiler is a unique combination of movie library application available in desktop and app versions for consumers to source and manage efficiently their favorite movie collections.

  • Provides a vast source of DVD information.
  • Versions available for Windows PCS, Android phones, iPhones and iPad
  • Commercial software

6. My Movie Library

My Movie Library is useful video library software with free download option that allows the users to organize and manage their movie collections.

  • The application is simple to use and comes with sleek and attractive features.
  • It provides an extensive information about the movie genre, release year, cast and crews with the IMDb rating.

7. All My Movies

All My Movies is a home video library software that helps the users to categorize and to keep track of the movies watched by them providing vast information about every movie.

  • Free software
  • Comes with user-friends interface that allows movie lovers to build their own database.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

8. Movie Library

Movie Library is a database application suitable for movie enthusiasts and collectors to organize any video formats such as DVD, VHS, VCD or home videos.

Movie Box App Download For Macbook Pro

  • Provides freedom to enter large variety of information about every movie
  • Compatible with Windows OS
  • Free download

9. iriver Plus

iriver Plus is another video library project that helps the users to watch their favorite movies, music videos and other contents with relative ease.

Movie Download Software For Mac

  • Supports all popular video formats
  • Free software.
  • Windows OS

Advantages of Using Video Library Software

A good video library software comes with many advanced, user-friendly features that enable the user to organize the video database and to retrieve desired information about their favorite videos in relatively simple and faster manner. It helps them to catalog the media content and ensures its proper management. All top-rated video library software comes with intuitive user interface that permits the users to access and enjoy a variety of videos with different file extensions that can be run on systems with different operating systems.

Advanced features of top-rated video library software will allow the user to export the critical information about the video content to the many formats like PDF, HTML, TEXT, CHM, or EXCEL. They also facilitate the users to sync their favorite collection with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android mobile devices.

Commercial video library software developing companies offer the users a free one- month trial download option for their products and provide significant discounts to attract them to purchase the products and make them enjoy the superior features.

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