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  1. Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 3.80 for Mac Free Download is the latest version, offline and standalone program for Mac. The Oxford English Dictionary 3.80 for macOS is a handy program for teaching, learning and understanding the English Language.
  2. Trusted Windows (PC) download Concise Oxford English Dictionary 9.0.2009. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Concise Oxford English Dictionary alternative downloads.

Download Oxford Dictionary of English. Search for the definitions to hundreds of thousands of words in the English Language.

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    What does Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict do? 120 SAMPLE ENTRIES ONLY. This free download gives you 120 sample entries from the new OALD 9th edition. You will not be able to cross-refer from these entries to other words that are in the full dictionary. To have access to the full dictionary with all features you will need to buy it via in-app purchase. *All existing users of the OALD8 app can also re-download OALD8 from the Catalogue of Dictionaries to continue using it for free.* IMPORTANT: the price you will pay for the OALD9 in-app purchase will depend on whether you are a new user of OALD or whether you are an existing user (someone who previously bought the OALD8 app). If you are a new user, you will pay the full price for OALD9. If you are an existing user, you can upgrade to OALD9 for a discount. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any queries or require any assistance with the OALD app.Over 100 million English language learners have used Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD) to develop their English skills for work and study.Use OALD to understand what words mean, learn how to say them, and know how to use them.With the OALD app you can:• find over 185,000 words, phrases, and meanings - including 900 new words and meanings.• trust the clear explanations and example sentences from the authoritative Oxford English Corpus.Improve your pronunciation and get added listening practice• Listen to real voice audio for words and example sentences, in both British and American English accents• Access the high-quality audio online, or download over 116,000 sentences to listen offline• Practise your pronunciation by listening to the audio, recording your own voice and playing it back to compareExpand your vocabulary and produce more natural sounding English• Learn synonyms, collocations (words which go together) and everyday expressions• Learn the Oxford 3000 - the most important words to know in English• Use colour illustrations to enrich your vocabulary• Search for and study phrasal verbs and idioms• Learn lists of related vocabulary with pre-loaded Favourites foldersNavigate quickly to find exactly what you want • Use Full Text Search to find your word in any idiom, phrasal verb, or example sentence in the dictionary• Click any word in an entry to instantly look it up• Organise and personalize your favourite entries• Create lists of your Favourites, and create folders and subfolders to store them• Export your Favourite lists

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    The Oxford Dictionary for Android is a fully-functional dictionary for your smartphone, giving you access to over 350,000 terms and their definitions.

    A free, powerful dictionary


    You’ll have access to the latest words and phrases, and their meanings, right in the palm of your hand. It also includes tens of thousands of regional phrases, allowing you to understand dialect spoken around the world.

    Powerful search tools

    Comprehensive search features make finding what you need quick and easy. Tools such as autocomplete save you time, and keyword lookup helps you search within phrases.

    You can also receive spelling help with the “fuzzy filter,” and wildcard search to fill in part of a word or phrase. Your phone’s camera to look up terms and receive results instantly. Voice search helps out when you know how to say the word, but not how to spell it.


    Learning tools enhance your vocabulary

    Download Oxford Dictionary Windows 7

    Use the Favourites option to create custom folders and word lists. Access recently searched words easily. Increase your vocabulary with the word of the day feature. You can also hear the correct pronunciation of more than 75,000 words. Offline mode lets you save words to your device so you can look them up without being connected to WIFI. Priority support is available for any technical issues, and go ad-free with premium.

    An excellent dictionary on the go

    Oxford Offline Dictionary Free Download

    The Oxford Dictionary of English is perfect for professionals and students who need access to a wide variety of words and their meanings wherever they go. Its powerful search tools make finding the right word easy, and learning tools help enhance your vocabulary.